The Definition of Insanity

Michael Jones + Vine


As has always been the case, I don’t require your help.

  • me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
  • me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS


Make me choose

Anonymous asked: Ryan or Jack?


Thank you for joining me in the stream last night if you did! :) I really like this one! I will draw Sun next and maybe the rest of his team whenever they show up 

[bigger @ DA]



hey my dash is dead so reblog if you post
-achievement hunter
-rooster teeth
-you gotta mainly post those three like none of that stuff on the side this is an ah blog i need material bro
so yeah also rvb but i dont care for that as much its mainly those three



lets just be clear, if you spend the time baking a cake/cookies/brownies, you can eat as many of them as you want and the calories don’t count. you made those calories. you’re their god.

disclaimer: this does not apply to children you have made