The Definition of Insanity
Ladies of Rooster Teeth: Griffon Ramsey


"Look, you see this? Science.”

Track Name: Blood Gulch Blues (A Capella Cover)
Artist: Riccasze
Play Count: 10869

Originally by Trocadero

Track Name: I Burn Album Version (A Capella Cover)
Artist: Riccasze
Play Count: 5549


Originally by the Powerhouse Trio of Jeff and Casey Lee Williams and Lamar Hall, the ending song of RWBY Volume 2 (so far at least)

So I finally got around to doing this, not gonna lie that drum line was intimidating so I simplified the heck out of it. Also pitched down as all hell, as per usual. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Other Covers and Junk


Storm the motherfuckin Tower. Can’t wait to see the Gents take on the attack. 

Lindsay got a bit of coaching from Captain Ryan on VS #78

Geoff: What is up with Ryan today?


Let’s Build team (?)

Glad to see Jeremy and Matt join the AH!


Team Little Lads <3


heres a way late thing ive been working on for the past week for the season 12 finale!!

thank you rvb team for an amazing season!!


Ray’s Minecraft Outfit Design

Wow thank heck, all Team Lad’s designs are now done! it only took me like two months, nearly to the day hah
I was really not present for the shading, but whatevs, I like his kneepad things in any case

Stay tuned for Winter 2015 when I finally get the Gents’ outfits done


it’s 5:30 in the morning have a shitty doodle of pre-Ep Wash


Carolina by SamDenmarkArt

Seriousy, how can an artist Carolina so frickin’ epic.

The attention to detail is great! *squeals in delight!*